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The Heat (2013)
« on: August 28, 2013, 08:36:36 PM »

I'm not a huge fan of Sandra Bullock - though there's a few movies she's in that I do like.  The Heat happens to be one of them.

In this one she plays an uptight FBI agent who's teamed up with a foul mouthed Boston detective played by Melissa Mc Carthy (who has been in a few films - none of which I've seen).  Both of them do an great job in this film, however. 

I'm not really crazy about the drug kingpin subject matter because it's so overdone, but this movie has some very funny bits in it. It definitely kept me laughing.  I even laughed again when I watched the trailer.  Plus the film surprisingly has a guest starring appearance by Jane Curtin (who anyone older than 40 probably knows from the orginial SNL).

If you like buddy cop movies, don't mind a slightly cliche story and can tolerate Sandra Bullock then I would recommend giving this film a watch.  Otherwise, this is the wrong tree for you to bark upon.