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History Of Pets (directors cut)
« on: October 02, 2015, 06:06:36 AM »
History Of Pets (directors cut)

It is a black humoured requiem for all the childhood pets, who found their end in the most curious of circumstances. One by one they get revisited as the main character takes a trip down memory lane.  AWARDS: BEST IN SHOW at New York Animation Block Party, AUDIENCE AWARD at London International Animation Festival, selected at 49 international festivals, including ANNECY, HAFF, ANIMA, ITFS, KROK & ANIMA MUNDI... "A hilarious deadpan look at the long list of pets that died in custody of the narrator. Every cause of death isn't quite predictable which leads to snappy punchlines and well paced gags. The design of the short is outstanding with a graphic Genndy Tartakovsky meets cubism feel to it. Style meets substance very well in this short." Steve Henderson-SQUIGLY magazine Made by iZeMo, 2013Cast:  iZeMo,  hero  and senjan jansenTags:  animation,  annecyfestival,  short,  winner,  award,  comedy,  shortfilm,  animationblockparty,  black humour  and animationblack humourannecyanima

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