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« on: September 30, 2015, 10:07:38 AM »

The Filmmaker: The Mechanic: The Shop: Read all about it here: ** OFFICIAL SELLECTION HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL 2015 ** SEPT 23-27 ** OFFICIAL SELLECTION ST. LOUIS INTL FILM  FESTIVAL 2015** NOV 5-15 ** OFFICIAL SELLECTION FOR MOTORCYCLE FILM FESTIVAL 2015 ** SEPT 23-27 ** OFFICIAL SELLECTION FOR AESTHETICA INTL FILM FESTIVAL 2015 ** NOV 5-8 ** OFFICIAL SELLECTION FOR WILLIAMSBURG FILM FESTIVAL 2015 ** SEPT 25 ** OFFICIAL SELECTION JALOPNIK FILM FESTIVAL LOS ANGELES 2015 ** SEPT 27 Director ? Serrini Producer ? Matt Jacob Asst. Producer ? Chris Lesser DP ? Ramsey Fendall Asst. Camera ? Amanda Mitchell Moto Borgatoro Part documentary, part pulp action film, all love and pure passion: "Moto Borgatoro" follows curmudgeon/savant mechanic Peter Boggia and the birth of his custom 1979 Moto Guzzi Le Mans into creation. Mind you this film is not your normal bike build movie by design; no grinder sparks, no silhouette shots, no dramatic music. Been there seen that. This one is pure adrenaline, and hopefully tightens your pants like riding the bike would. The film has received praise from the limited amount of industry people given the opportunity to experience. Filmmaker and Moto-enthusist alike claim that it's got "Fellini roots with Tarantino fruits". We love praise that rhymes. Love bikes, hate bike, or know nothing about them, this film is juicy enough for anyone to quickly fall in love with Peter and his bad-ass machine. About the making of the film: Shot on a Arri SR 16mm film camera, BMCC, and two 5Ds. Edited and sound design in Premiere Pro CC with some light AE magic. Some fantastic press: Laughing Squid: Maschinistenundsoekne: Back Seat Fleet: Rusty Knuckles: Union Garage: Silodrome: News Central: Men Aware:!Moto-Borgatoro-por-Roberto-Serrini/c1tye/90D1C60C-46E8-4EB6-B4A6-4061B0E094A9 Cyril Huze: Roberto SerriniTags:  moto guzzi,  1979,  le mans,  custom,  motorcycle,  peter boggia,  moto borgotaro,  union garage,  nyc,  brooklyn,  mechanic,  shop,  cafe racer,  serrini,  gonzo,  v7  and documentary