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More great unsold pilots
« on: September 27, 2015, 11:02:53 PM »
More great unsold pilots

Here are more great unsold pilots. Yesterday I also had a bunch.    From the unsold pilot book by Lee Goldberg.   You can find it here.  Remember, these are all for real.  TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER     ABC-1964 --  Two aliens from Venus  come to earth, meet an inventor, and go into business with him selling  to unknowing earthlings products created for another planet.  13 THIRTEENTH AVENUE    CBS-1983 -- Similar to one of yesterday's  entries, this one features a widower and his son who move into a  Greenwich Village apartment building inhabited by a model who's a witch,  a C.P.A. who's a werewolf, a lawyer who's a vampire, a superintendent  who's a troll, and their psychiatrist.  WHERE'S EVERETT?    CBS-1966  --  Alan Alda (of all people) as a young father who goes  to get the morning paper and finds that aliens have left an invisible  baby on his doorstep.  (Oooh, if only I knew about this when I worked  with him on MASH?) YAZOO    NBC-1984  --  William Conrad (the Fat Man from Jake  &) is a widowed journalist who goes fishing one day, falls asleep in  the boat, and wakes up in a magical world called Yazoo, populated by  the Peppercorn Puppets. (I can't believe this one didn't go.)  AFTER GEORGE    CBS-1983 -- Susan Saint James as a widow who  discovers her late husband programmed his personality into the computer  that operates their house.  (MY HUSBAND THE HARD DRIVE)JUSTIN CASE    ABC-1988 -- One of the 12,000 ghost pilots but this one featured the great George Carlin as a ghost private eye.  WHO GOES THERE?    CBS-1965 -- Two troublesome ghosts haunting a  southern California tract house materialize as General Custer and Indian  Chief Running Dog.  (Tract house or crack house?) IT'S A DOG'S LIFE   NBC-1979 -- From the people who brought you  ALL IN THE FAMILY comes this tale (tail?) of actors dressed as dogs.   (Long before WILFRED)K-9000   Fox-1989 -- A loose cannon on the LAPD has a microchip  implanted in his brain by a hot woman scientist allowing him to talk  telepathically with his new partner, a genetically-enhanced German  shepherd.  POOCHINSKI    NBC-1990 -- Dog pilots were also big.  Stanley  Poochinski is a tough, ill-mannered cop who has been gunned down in the  line of duty and reincarnated as a talking, flatulent English bulldog.  THE ELIZABETH McQUEENY STORY   NBC-1959 -- Bette Davis as the leader of an all-female dance troupe that travels through the Old West. MURDER IN MUSIC CITY    NBC-1979 -- I saved the best for last.   Sonny Bono as a Nashville songwriter who becomes a detective.  (When he  caught the bad guy did he say, "I got you, babe!"?)

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