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The Tower (Ta-weo) 2012
« on: June 21, 2013, 05:54:09 PM »
When I first decided to watch this movie, I didn't have much to go on but this picture.

Suffice to say, the picture really reminded me of the Towering Inferno, and no matter how schlocky that film was I always loved it.  So I figured this movie was going to be a Korean take on a towering inferno type story, which is kind of cool if you think about it.   

So, I couldn't wait to watch it and as the first scene unfolded I was like WTF?  It seemed to be a Korean take on a Disney movie.  And I don't know what it is about Korean movies but they all seem to be about single fathers and their daughters.  That must be a huge theme there.

It didn't take long for a fire to start, thank Buddha, except the fire was put out right away.  It was kind of comedic even, like in a Disney movie.  Did I really want to finish watching this film?  Was it going to turn into a romantic comedy?   No. They were probably establishing the state of the buildings fire preparedness and also I was only about 10 minutes into it so I'd watch a few more minutes...

Then a big party on the top floor -- just like, you guessed it, The Towering Inferno.  And it had the same vibe that movie.  And there were helicopters and a down draft and a malfunction and then all hell broke loose.  The fire had begun with gusto.   And there was a couple caught in the bubble elevator coming up the side of the building, just like in...

Then we learned about the firefighters - especially the chief - who was having marriage trouble.  And then we got pretty much a remake of The Towering Inferno.   This wasn't the Korean take on the film, it was a remake.  Even down to how the fire was put out.   In addition there were a couple of excellent action scenes, specific to this film, thrown in that had me shouting at the screen.  I was actually surprised I felt that involved.

And once the action got underway, the Disney quality ended up being comic relief and it wasn't as irritating as it seemed in the beginning.  Overall, I really liked this film.  It was a fun and exciting ride.  It wasn't perfect and ran a bit longer than it needed to, but I would definitely recommend it.  Especially if you're a fan to The Towering Inferno.