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Babz Buzz Forum Rules
« on: May 02, 2013, 02:39:59 PM »
The most basic rule on any of the Writer Arena boards is respect each other

This means no personal attacks or name calling.  Treat each person as you would have yourself treated and you will get along here without issue.

The moderators are permitted to delete any content they consider is against the rules without notice.   Repeated posting of deleted material or posts complaining about having your post deleted may result in a 24 hour ban.  Trolling is prohibited, whether or not you are trolling is up to the moderator and if you are deemed a troll it may result in a 24 hour or longer ban.   

The administration of this forum will always support the decision of the moderators.

In addition to the above rules, the Babz Buzz boards have some additional rules.

Above and beyond respecting each other, these boards are business-related and therefore you should approach your discussions with a professional attitude. 

Material that people find offensive enough to report will most definitely be removed.  This will be especially and promptly true if Babz finds something offensive.

Unlike other boards, promoting yourself, your projects or your skills is encouraged here.  However, please keep this type of activity respectively balanced with your other contributions to the discussions.  Also, any content containing scams or dishonest business practices will be deleted once discovered.

Members are encouraged to report any content that breaks the above rules.   

Enjoy your stay at Writer Arena.   
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