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Need some help!!!


Jeremiah Johnson:
I have a couple of my short scripts that look like might get filmed.  That's the good news.  The bad news is one of them is asking me to come up with the agreement.  I pasted what he wants below.  Not sure how to word it, so looking for some advice.  Need to know if anything looks "out of place" in the way he worded it.  Maybe it's just me, but the guy was kind of rude in the email exchanges we had.  This is for a short script, so I was only looking for "Written By:" credit.  The way he worded it, sounds almost like he wants to give me a "Thanks" instead.  This is my first, so be kind!!

The second one hasn't asked me to write the agreement, yet.  Is there a "standard" form that some of you "regulars" have used?

Any help would be appreciated!  Here is what he wrote:

"Hey Jeff,  I will give you credit for your work.  I need you to write a short form stating you are the ONLY original author.  Also the form needs to state that you give all the rights to Matthew Hudson.  In exchange, once the show is filmed, you will be mentioned, as agreed.  Do you want a way for the general public to contact you?  For example, do you want your e-mail address provided to the viewers as well?"


email me privately please
BABZ Bitela, President (Host of Babz Buzz)
Silver Bitela Agency * WGA

Do as the lady says. Babz has saved me numerous times when it comes to that pesky legal stuff.  :)

Jeremiah Johnson:
Done.  You guys are great!


I have a document I have amended with a bundle of ass covering conditions though to be honest, you are already in great hands.



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