Author Topic: Which Films helped to shape your life?  (Read 531 times)


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Which Films helped to shape your life?
« on: October 14, 2013, 04:53:04 AM »
 I think about this from time to time since one film in particular has guided my life. I guess not guided per se' but... more so has inspired my life. I have several films in mind that have made an impact on my psyche thus changing my life's direction significantly.

 No-one would ever guess my favorite all-time movie without me telling them which and why. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
Not because I can relate to Transylvanian Transvestites or because I'm a bad-boy loner with tasty thighs, but because of a subliminal message at the end of the movie that cant be more than 6 frames long. In fact, this message has been parsed from the movie in editing for different formats along the way. I'm not sure you can even find a version today that includes it.
 At the end of the film, right before the credits it states, "Dont' Dream it, Be it"
 Ive said that to myself several times over the years and it has always served me well.

My second favorite, but in close contention for first is "Forest Gump". I consider it romantic if you can believe that.

 In 1992 I got out of the Naval Submarine force and was living in Savannah, Georgia. I had my eye on a beautiful and exotic Barista that worked in the downtown historical district. I visited her daily and we talked of many things. She, mostly of American things since she was a new transplant to the U.S. and had many questions and I, about her life and homeland.
 One day she showed me a flyer that was being tacked on every window in downtown Savannah. It stated that many streets would be closed on certain dates for the filming of "Forest Gump". She asked me what these words meant and what this was. I of course had no idea either since gump isnt a word and putting forest in front of it didnt change that fact.
 We ended up watching the filming together on several occasions. We were watching at a fairly close distance throughout the park bench scenes. The movie itself is no disappointment.
 We spent 12 years together and I think of that time often. Sometimes I wonder what her favorite movie is.

I also like and deem influential:

A New Leaf
Urban Cowboy
The Wizard of OZ
The War of the Roses

... and my favorite genre is Westerns. I dont like them for their violence but for their idea of sustainable simplicity. I like to think that I missed my ideal era by a hundred years but am snapped back into reality every time I use modern plumbing.
 Ive lived the Western lifestyle for 4 years now. (with modern plumbing)

 Which are films that have influenced your life?


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But thats not where the story ends... there's twists and turns and a coupla' bends.
But thats not where the story ends... there's twists and turns and a coupla' bends.